Buy your tickets for new Magic Alley attraction

Tickets went on sale today for a dazzling new indoor attraction based on the Lost Years of William Shakespeare.

Located in the new look Bell Court development just minutes from Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford upon Avon, the attraction is based on a series of children’s fantasy books called The Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch by Stratford based author Dave Matthews, which were first published nearly thirty years ago.

“Magic Alley: The Lost Years of William Shakespeare” is a brand-new concept that brings together an amazing collection of themed rooms; a thrilling time travelling adventure; special effects and interactive experiences taking visitors on a totally immersive, magical journey.

After collecting their Time Travellers Passports, visitors will play their part in unravelling the Bard’s greatest secret by stepping into their very own adventure alongside the world’s greatest playwright and his magical pals!

The attraction opens its doors to the public for the first time on April 14th after nearly two years of planning and development and utilises a unique mixture of state of the art British animatronics, live action and world class theming.

Dave Matthews has written a brand-new story for the attraction and has worked closely alongside the Magic Alley team to create an experience spread over 4,500 square feet based on the notion that Shakespeare may actually have been a time travelling wizard!

“Opening the doors to the public for the first time,” says Dave, “is going to be an unbelievably exciting event and we’re looking for someone very special to help us out and cut the ribbon for us!”

The search for this very special someone has begun in earnest with the launch of the “I’m a Spellebrity” competition to find the world’s greatest opening spell.

Open to children of all ages, the competition is really easy to enter. All children need to do is write to Dave c/o Magic Alley in Stratford and tell him what they think the world’s greatest opening spell is and why.

Dave adds; “It doesn’t matter whether it’s Alohomora from Harry Potter; Open Sesame from the Arabian Nights; or a totally made up spell – it’s why children think it’s the best that’s important.”

The winner, along with three other family members, will get to shout out their spell as they cut the ribbon to the attraction on April 14th. They will then be the first members of the public to tour the attraction before getting a huge box of Magic Alley goodies (including a complete signed set of Dave’s books), being treated to dinner in Bell Court and then tickets to the Everyman Cinema where they will be treated as “Spellebrities” as guests of Magic Alley.

In fact, the whole prize promises to be a “wicked” day out!