Veganism: A new lifestyle choice

Beautiful woman with a carrot on the mouth

For our latest guest blog, we decided to catch up with Dan Perkins, General Manager at All Bar One to discuss the growing trend of Veganism…

“January is the perfect time to embrace new things and this year in particular, many people have chosen to ditch dry January and adopt a Vegan diet instead.

Veganism is certainly growing in popularity and we’re increasingly seeing more of our customers enquire about our Vegan options. There are many ways to embrace a Vegan lifestyle, however one thing all Vegans have in common is adopting a plant-based diet which means avoiding all animal based food including meat, dairy, eggs and honey.

So, why do I think there’s a growing trend towards Veganism? To be honest it’s a lifestyle choice for many, offering a long term healthy alternative to more faddy diets. I think the fact that more restaurants are offering Vegan options and supermarkets are providing a better range of ‘free from’ products is also helping to fuel the rise as more people see it as a viable – and tasty – alternative. I can’t see the trend abating either; if anything, I think we’ll continue to see a rise in Veganism over the coming years as it becomes more mainstream.

We’ve also seen an increase in the popularity of Flexitarianism with people adopting #MeatFreeMonday or being Vegan or Vegetarian during the week and eating what they like at the weekends. Again, this is all about people making healthier lifestyle options and, for some, is a lot more do-able than committing to full Veganism.

At All Bar One we want to ensure our menu appeals to everyone so, for the second year running, we’ve teamed up with global charity ‘Veganuary’ to offer a new Vegan menu.

The menu is perfect for guests who are embarking on their journey towards a Vegan lifestyle, or simply looking for a different option when eating out. Working with a nutritionist has allowed us to ensure the menu has a variety of flavoursome dishes to choose from and it seems to be going down pretty well in Stratford.  My personal favourite would be the chilli non carne tacos or the lentil and cashew dahl, with the coconut and vanilla rice pudding to finish – you’ll love it! This particular menu’s only available until the end of February though so don’t miss your chance to come and try it out.

For anyone wanting to know more about Vegansim, including food plans and information about how it can improve your lifestyle, I’d recommend visiting and following @weareveganuary and #Veganuary2018 on social media. You can also view our new Vegan menu at , and follow @AllBarOne on Twitter and Instagram, and @AllBarOneBars on Facebook to find hints and tips on making the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Enjoy and let us know how you get on!”