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We’re Hiring – Sales Assistant

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we want to create the ultimate Lush experience. Ensure you remain customer-focused at all times, making their shopping experience your top priority. A keen awareness of the shop floor is necessary to understand where each customer is in their journey and how you can contribute to their 5* in-store experience.

We ask insightful questions to uncover the right products for each customer, and showcase them through engaging product demonstrations. Support their buying decisions by asking questions to confirm interest and secure sales. Give shop tours through intelligent link sales, create bespoke routines and provide pampering sit down consultations with demos.

As a Lush Sales Assistant, you are also a brand ambassador. When interacting with customers, celebrate our brand values with them. Our naked products, inspiring campaigns, Charity Pot; there’s so much that you can share! Our values also extend to how we care for our customers; a well-timed Random Act of Kindness can really lift them up and make their day. This also includes Experiences, such as Lush SPA and Parties.

Communication is central to a successful shop floor. Utilise the check-in conversations, direction and delegation you are given by your management team. They’re on the shop floor to guide and support you in delivering the best customer experience possible.

  • Open Recruitment No CV necessary
  • £9.90 PER HOUR 50% Staff Discount